Searching for Canada’s first Housing Advocate who can shape the right to housing

November 30, 2020

The federal government is currently accepting applications for Canada’s first Federal Housing Advocate, with a deadline of December 30. This provides a tight timeline to ensure candidates with technical human rights and right to housing expertise apply.


In the federal government’s announcement on National Housing Day, appointing members of the National Housing Council, they included the opening of recruitment for the Federal Housing Advocate. 

The Advocate’s role is to promote and ensure compliance with the government’s legislated commitment to the progressive realization of the right to housing. The Advocate will assess and advise the federal government, through the designated Minister, on the implementation of housing policy; initiate inquiries into incidents or conditions in a community, institution, industry or economic sector; and monitor progress in meeting goals and timelines in compliance with the National Housing Strategy Act. 

Most importantly, the Housing Advocate will amplify the voices of those who have borne the brunt of Canada’s housing crisis and will shape the progressive realization of the right to housing in Canada. 

The federal government’s deadline for applications is December 30, which gives a small window of opportunity to share the post widely and ensure we get applicants who have expertise to shape this critical human rights mechanism. 

This is where we could really use your support! We need strong candidates to come forward who will shape this critical human rights mechanism. 

Will you help us find applicants by sharing the government’s notice of recruitment with your network? You can also help by watching our Twitter and Facebook posts on the Advocate’s appointment and sharing them. 

We will also continue to keep you in the loop on the National Housing Council’s progress and our ongoing work to ensure it includes people with lived experience of homelessness and technical right to housing expertise. 


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