About Us

In 2019, Canada’s National Housing Strategy legislation committed to a right to housing. The National Right to Housing Network (NRHN) is a group of key leaders, thinkers, subject matter experts and people with lived experience of housing precarity and homelessness, with a mission to fully realize the right to housing for all, and the long-term goal of eliminating homelessness in Canada.

The National Right to Housing Network is dedicated to the meaningful implementation of the right to housing in Canada.

We do this by:

  1. Bringing together a network of civil society voices in a collective voice on the implementation of the right to housing;
  2. Working with Governments to develop Canada’s right to housing architecture;
  3. Identifying and mobilizing systemic challenges to test the right to housing in order to set precedent, address key gaps in the National Housing Strategy, and drive changes in housing policy and funding;
  4. Exploring research on the right to housing;
  5. Supporting community initiatives to secure a housing rights culture;
  6. Expanding the right to housing to provincial, territorial, and municipal jurisdictions.

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