National Housing Strategy Implementation

In 2019, Canada legally committed to the right to housing in its National Housing Strategy Act. The National Right to Housing Network (NRHN) is a group of key leaders, thinkers, experts and people with lived experience of housing precarity and homelessness, with a mission to fully realize the right to housing for all and ultimately eliminate homelessness in Canada.

We are committed to the meaningful implementation of the right to housing. We believe that the key to solving the housing crisis in Canada is to recognize it as a human rights crisis, give a meaningful voice to rights holders, engage with multiple stakeholders, identify and address systemic problems, and develop practical solutions. We know that the right to housing is not a mere policy goal or aspiration. We must address inadequate housing and homelessness as human rights violations requiring urgent and coordinated action.

Budget Reaction: Finding Hope in Budget 2024

April 17, 2024

The federal government has boldly stepped in to lead intergovernmental collaboration on the full spectrum of housing and homelessness in … More

Virtual Panel: A National Encampment Response Plan

March 15, 2024

Join us for a panel on human rights solutions to homeless ENCAMPMENTS! Canada’s homeless encampments are a national human rights … More

Keeping Youth Housed: Preventing Youth Evictions Through Law

February 27, 2024 -

In the words of American scholar Kathryn Sabbeth, eviction is not a natural occurrence but rather is the “product of … More

Ending the Housing Crisis: Strategic Advocacy Stories

February 21, 2024

Housing is a fundamental human right, and at our Strategic Advocacy Summit in July 2022, we gathered over 100 advocates … More

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